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If your company has a keen interest in enhancing employee resilience, resourcefulness and wellbeing, I would very much welcome the opportunity to create a programme to meet your requirements. It could be anything from a 30 minute lunch-time talk, a regular in-house training session to an ongoing partnership comprising a carefully considered combination of employee workshops and coaching.

If you are planning an event or retreat in the name of wellbeing,

I would love to assist you in creating and/or delivering eloquent and impactful content.



To learn more about rates and availability,

just get in touch and let me know what you are you’re looking for!



Find feedback from clients here.


Examples of talks/workshop themes: Understanding stress & building resilience, Life balance, What is Wellbeing, Creating a life in which you thrive, Training your mind to be at your best, Moving beyond comfort zones, Exam anxiety and the brain, Less stress, more enjoyment, How to increase wellbeing.

Examples of former and current partnerships: Anthropology, AAT events, Surrey Half Marathon, The Matrix Trust, Red Hot Yoga, Lululemon, Kinesis Clinic, Field of Fitness, Mantle Financial Planning, CSW, Willow Sanctuary, Insight Timer, Shooting Star Chase, TinyTalk.


Let's work together


  RISE  |  Guildford  |  Tel: 07726623165

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