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One to One Coaching

Who's Bonnie's coaching suited for?

You, as a leader.

The coaching will provide you with dedicated, regular and highly efficient time for reflection, prioritisation and strategic thinking. It will help you to stay focused, engage decisively with challenges and opportunities and to show up consistently as the leader you aspire to be.

Your employees/team members.

A number of circumstances have caused some of your employees to feel under a lot of pressure and you are concerned for their wellbeing. In situations like this, coaching can be a very powerful tool to reduce feelings of stress, overwhelm and risk of burnout. Bonnie delivers compassionate, encouraging coaching that not only enable individuals to navigate difficult times but also to build resilience to meet future challenges.

Your organisation may also have deeply committed, inspiring, high-potential individuals who you would like to retain and offer bigger roles in the future. Granting them an opportunity to work alongside a coach strengthens their communication, leadership and coaching skills while accelerating their own perceived areas of growth.

You, as an individual.

Bonnie's coaching meets you first and foremost where you are as a human being. This means you can bring anything that impacts your life and wellbeing to our coaching conversations. Perhaps you are facing a professional challenge or simply feel keen to move forward with more purpose, joy or integrity across all areas of your life. Coaching helps you address what matters to you, exactly at this point in time.

Professionally or personally, the style of coaching provided helps you enhance your wellbeing, grow and develop as a person, employee or leader. It supports you to meaningfully influence your future and create a life in which you thrive. 

It deepens your awareness of how you ‘run’ yourself, uncovers your values and strengths which in turn enables you to create your unique strategies overcoming obstacles and shaping success in any area of life.

Whether you feel stretched by your own thoughts, life in a high-pressured work environment, being a stay-at-home parent or by simply having a desire for more resilience, more joy, fun or a stronger sense of purpose, coaching helps you navigate consciously. It empowers you to enhance your journey in meaningful ways and to be at your best more of the time.


The role of your coach is to ask you questions that lead you to:

  • have a greater understanding of yourself.

  • gain more clarity about what's possible.

  • learn skills and tools to support you.

  • see new perspectives and discover helpful insights.

  • move forward with intention.

  • feel empowered, motivated and resilient.

  • be and feel at your best more of the time. 

If you would like coaching for yourself or your employees, I'd very much welcome the opportunity to work by your side. 

I have spent the past 15 years continuously training and expanding my knowledge and toolkit to share with you the very best - and most impactful - coaching I possibly can.

Please get in touch if you would like to explore

how we can work together. Feel free to ask for 

a chemistry meeting to check our 'compatibility'.


  RISE  |  Guildford  |  Tel: 07726623165

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