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1 : 1  A workshop just for you.

You have come to the conclusion that you want to be more in charge of the trajectory of your life.. Your goal is to live your life more fully, to experience more joy, to thrive and grow as a person in ways that feel more meaningful to you. You want to have healthy relationships, spend time wisely and do more of what you enjoy. It's time for you to take stock, press the reset button and start afresh.

What will the session give you?

  • This 2 hour one-to-one session with enable you to hone in on what truly matters to you and identify the path that will move you in the direction you want to go..

  • It will help you to feel less overwhelmed and give you a great foundation to grow from.

  • You will have a well-defined plan of action that will feel both invigorating and manageable.

  • You will also learn tools that will help you clarify your thinking and stay on track years from now.

  • You will leave this session feeling refreshed, empowered and full of hope and excitement for the future ahead of you.


What’s included and how much will it cost?

120 minutes one-to-one time with Bonnie.

A pre-session questionnaire to prepare for our work together.

A workbook to use during our session.

Bonus exercises to complete after our session.

Cost: £220

How do I book?

Please send an email to or call 07726623165 and we will find a date and time that works well for you.

Please note sessions can be either face to face (in Guildford) or via Zoom.

What can I do to continue my journey after the session?

The aim is for you to have several ideas at the end of our time together. Make a commitment to begin the implementation of your ideas. Become increasingly curious about yourself and learn to ask powerful, honest questions of yourself such as: What is meaningful to me? What helps me thrive? What brings me joy? How do I live in line with my values? Dive into the bonus assignments included in the workbook or get in touch to have a conversation about how Coaching can support your journey forward.


What participants on Bonnie's previous workshops have said'?

  • ‘It was such a perfect blend of inspiration, science and practical tips for making life more joyful and in line with my values and how I want to live. So many useful tools for measuring and planning too. I loved it and found it really useful.’

  • ‘What a great workshop yesterday! You have given us a lot of tools. For me it was an insightful evening, and I will be following the exercises that are in the workbook. I think there's a lot of exciting things ahead. And now I am a bit more equipped to deal with those less bright moments.’

  • “A powerful, thought-provoking and extremely useful boost that’s helped me move forward with my life.”

  • “Rarely have I encountered tools so easily understood, whilst simultaneously allowing great insight and understanding.”

  • “This workshop is a real eye-opener.”

  • “It was such a relief to finally get some structure to my thoughts. Now I can see things in a different way and it is not as confusing anymore.”

  • “I HIGHLY recommend this… I went to the May session and thought it excellent. Full of tips for staying sane when dealing with all that gets thrown at us and some really inspiring thoughts on how to deal with obstacles we inevitably encounter in life. A very valuable couple of hours.”

  • “Bloody brilliant.”

  • “Just wanted to say that this seminar was brilliant. Bonnie gave some really good ideas about how to cope with life’s obstacles and not beat yourself up in the process! Would recommend.”

  • “I just wanted to thank you for such an inviting and inspirational evening. I have taken so much away from your generous sharing and insight together with reminding me to embrace challenges with courage, compassion, wisdom and positivity.”

  • “I just wanted to write and say a very big thank you for the fantastic, thought provoking and interesting seminar this evening.  It was a great opportunity to listen to what you had to say and do some personal reflection. Your seminar reminded me of what is important in life. Many thanks.”

  • “You were wonderful: so relaxed and natural, knowledgeable and inspiring. I really enjoyed it and am full of resolve to nurture my kinder voices.”

  • “Really enjoyed the seminar, felt I could listen to you for hours. Loved that you didn’t try to magically fix my busy life which overwhelms me at times, and can’t always stop it being so busy! But loved the interesting different ways to look at it all. We are all guilty of not looking at the bright side and getting bogged down. So thank you, it was immensely helpful and I would love to know of future events.”

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