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 As a business 

It matters to you that people in your organisation are thriving. You care very much about the person behind the employee and recognise that life and work are intrinsically connected. If you don't thrive in one area, it becomes harder to thrive in the other. 

It means a lot to you that you can support your employees' wellbeing, personal development and resilience in meaningful ways. It is a deeply held value of yours and your leadership team.

You find it important that a coaching programme for your team is tailored to meet their individual requirements as well as your budget. It is furthermore essential that the coaching delivered is compassionate, caring, professional and not least impactful. 

If the above rings true, my approach to coaching might appeal strongly to you.

'I am always looking for ways to help my team grow, not just in their work-related skills but in their personal development as this impacts their own wellbeing and what we can achieve together as a team.
Coaching seemed the perfect way to give my team the time, space and expertise to do this. It has been a real privilege to work with Bonnie as a Coach and see the team amaze themselves at how much difference the sessions and resulting changes in their thinking or actions have had.
Their growth in confidence and self-belief is already having an impact on their work and work-life balance.' 

 Misty Bower, CEO, The Matrix Trust 


I'm Bonnie Rasmussen








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 My coaching approach 

creates a very safe and transformative space promoting deep reflection, self-awareness and self-leadership. This in turn paves way for increased wellbeing, resilience, motivation and performance.


My style of coaching enables each individual to show up authentically, addressing any topic, challenge, dream or aspiration. An empowering partnership is formed in which clients soon design meaningful goals and find themselves moving towards them with speed and intention, creating a (work) life in which they feel confident and thrive more and more each day.  


I have a fast-paced international corporate career behind me, 15 years of coaching experience as well as extensive training in applied neuroscience, NLP, mental health and, of course, coaching. Certified at PCC level (ICF) and member of International Coaching Federation.

 Private coaching 

How do I create a life in which I thrive and flourish? How do I live well? How can I best address areas of life that are not currently working for me?

Questions like these play on your mind and you have reached a point where you are keen to unearth answers, gain more clarity and decide your direction.

You long to move forward with more intention and ease and proactively shape both how you feel on the inside and what you are invested in on the outside. It is becoming increasingly important to you that you enhance your ability to navigate your own mind, emotions and actions and through that create the best way forward for yourself.

You are perhaps not yet sure if coaching is right for you, but you would like to learn more. If so, please don't hesitate to be in touch.  

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What clients say

At age 60 I wanted to make sure I enjoy and get the most out of my life and address some behaviours and beliefs that have held me back.


I had no idea how powerful and empowering working with Bonnie as my coach could be. What I especially value is the way and speed she helps me get to the heart of the issue and find ways forward for me that are sometimes a revelation, always progress.


I feel supported, and treated with compassion. Importantly, Bonnie's approach means I can bring anything to the sessions and deal with 'stuff' in a safe environment. I have amazing results, and life is so much better for me. 

Thank you so much again, Bonnie, for Saturday’s talk and guided meditation. Your voice is beautiful, your thoughts so gentle but powerful and it was the perfect way to end our busy day of ‘Embracing Change’. 

~ Katie Mayne, TinyTalk

We have been working with Bonnie for three years, as part of the support programme that we offer to our marathon runners. Bonnie provides an excellent training session, to help our runners mentally prepare for their race. 


Bonnie’s sessions are inspiring and thought provoking. We have had great feedback from the runners, who really appreciate this opportunity to explore their marathon mind set and exchange ideas.


~ Karen Peffer, Shooting Star Chase



We both found the sessions extremely beneficial and certainly helped us to decide the way forward for ourselves and the company.


Thank you for your valuable input to get us back on track – it has certainly been a very worthwhile exercise for us.


 ~ Mantle Financial planning

‘I hadn’t realized how much work life influences and is influenced by the rest of everyday life, and how coaching can help me bring the best of both together to explore creative solutions (or ask interesting questions!).

My coaching sessions with Bonnie helped me get back in charge of my life. Rather than being thrown by everyday life I realised and became aware of having choices which I can decide for or against.


Bonnie’s input and well formulated questions encouraged me to go on a journey rediscovering unexpected confidence in my abilities personally and professionally.


From my point of view Bonnie’s work is a very valuable experience for anybody who is looking for his or her own way in life. 

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